New here natural test boosting cycle is pct needed

  1. New here natural test boosting cycle is pct needed


    Ill start off by saying sorry if this post should not go here. Ill be starting a cycle of several natural boosters and wanted to get some insight on pct. I have heard that you don't need a pct and also have hear that you should use pct so here I am any help would be great.

    1) DHEA (100mg 2 x a day)
    2) DAA (3000mg 1 x a day)
    3) Tribuls (750mg 2 x a day) 90percent steroidal saponins.
    4) 5a-hydroxy laxogenin w/carbopol (65mg 2 x a day)

    Ill be doing a 4 week cycle and wanted to know what I should do for an on cycle and a pct support. Thanks

  2. Nope don't need pct for a natty test boost. But that last thing you listed I don't have much knowledge about. It looks steroidal but I dunno how much shut down you will experience.
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  3. Sounds good thanks for the advice. If no on cycle support is needed and no pct is needed should I take an ai or estrogen blocker something like estrogenx or not even worry about that. I ask cause of the hightened test levels during the cycle.

    Also how long after the cycle should I wait till I start the next one being that there is no need for a pct.?

    Oh and the manufacture of the 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin reccomends a pct and liver support. Now I confused.

    I want to do the cycle safe and right any other help?? Let me know if you need anyother info to point me in the right direction


  4. No PCT needed for natural test boosters as has been said. They are actually used as part of a PCT. People like to use DAA quite often in PCT, such as Intimidate SRT.

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