PCT with hydrol cycle

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    Question PCT with hydrol cycle

    I'm thinking about starting a hdrol cycle soon.... (don't have it in my possession yet) would cycle assist or pact by cel be good? I've heard from many sources and personal sources that they have pre loaded cycle assist before starting their cycle. And have also used cycle assist afterwards for their pct. Also is something like nolvadex NEEDED for afterwards? I've heard both yes and no and would like to look more for a definite answer..before starting. I may get shut down or told something stupid but I have been doing my research on this.


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    Welcome ! AM is a great lace to get info.
    For hdrol you could go with a OTC PCT if you want(MANY have gone that route in the past- including myself for several cycles) . I would use DAA or PCT Assist with either Triazole or Erase for pct . If you want to go with Nolva for pct then add in PCT Assist or DAA and you will be good to go.

    ** also if you are buying hdrol from ebay amazon be aware that any bottles with dates past 8/13 are counterfeit

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    Also, IMO you don't really need to run Cycle Assist during PCT. If you have some spare cash and want to be extra safe go for it, but it's not a "must" by any means.
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