second cycle

  1. second cycle

    10 to12 weeks test p 75mg ed
    Aromasin 12.5 mg eod not sensitive to gyno
    Pct clomid 50/50/25/25

    My weight is about 225
    Age 25 work out pretty hard.
    any opinions welcome thanks for ahead advice

  2. seems fine. prolly dont need the second @ 50mgs but thats just how i do things
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  3. Bout a 25

  4. yeah thats prolly what id do if i was doing this
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  5. Yea sounds ok, thanks alot man

  6. Really doubt you need an AI with test p.
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  7. Hmm gona have to look that up I thought it would be the same as test c in armotize which I know test p works faster than test c

  8. Add some Intimidate SRT in that PCT to get you back to baseline faster.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by laneanders View Post
    Add some Intimidate SRT in that PCT to get you back to baseline faster.
    This ^^^^

    Intimidate is great for PCT!

    Intimidate (30 capsules)
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  10. Intimidate SRT would be a great addition for your PCT


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