PCT for Sust/Tren

  1. Question PCT for Sust/Tren

    Hey guys I'm currently in week three of a 16 week cycle sust500mg per week tren 300-400 mg per week (jabs eod).
    I have plenty of clomid on hand for pct but nothing to run while on cycle.
    I was wondering if clomid as a standalone for pct will be sufficient or I should add anything?
    Sides aren't bad so far, only experiencing night sweats, about 8lbs of lean muscle gain and insane strength gains so far.

  2. Add a natty test booster for added insurance. Try out Intimidate SRT it has NMDA in it which is a more potent form of DAA. It will help you get back up to speed quickly. Tropinol XP is another great option.

  3. From what I experienced, its better to have a few options to help with PCT. As laneanders said, "Intimidate SRT it has NMDA in it which is a more potent form of DAA" which would a good route to go.
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  4. You want to have a hefty PCT for a hefty cycle.

    I would go with something like this:

    Reduce XT (cortisol control)
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  5. depends on the options you are looking at. I prefer natty but that is just me. As Lane and Veaderko said above, a really good option to try out would be Intimidate SRT!



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