basic cycle pct

  1. basic cycle pct

    Would u consider just using nova as enough after a ten week of cycling test400..never been good with this stuff..thanks

  2. I would personally run more than just nolva. Could you get away with it? Probably, but rather not risk losing any of my gains.

    try this:

    Reduce XT

    Should recover just fine with that.
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  3. Thanks man not familiar with either of those but clomin amd still pretty new to the game just came off knee surgery and aprives to hit it hard those other two are they rather pricey and yea ive done a couple basic cycles and can.never seem to time or take a proper pct and usually hold onto only half my gains so any advice is welcome..looking to do this right this time

  4. DAA is a test booster. Cheapest, most effective option. Reduce XT is a cortisol control product. Both can be had for a very good price. OTC supps are unfortunately expensive compared to illegal substances :/
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  5. You would definitely want something in addition to your SERM, multiple natty test boosters are available including: Testabolan V2, Reversitol V2, Intimidate SRT, and Tropinol XP.

    These will help increase your natural test production and get it back to baseline ASAP. In addition you may want to look into general health supplements like Fish Oil and Athletic Multi.

  6. Thank u guys soo much so any of those can they be found at local health store or gnc or are they illegal as well

  7. Nolva you have to get on a research chemical site. The other you can get here, on
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  8. Thank u ..yea i alrwdy have the nolva just need the others ill def grab that this week im only three weeks in when fo u suggeat beginning


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