just came off after 6months.. my PCT experience

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    just came off after 6months.. my PCT experience

    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to share my PCT with you guys after coming off a 6-8 month cycle.. im 31, 6ft 190, 10 years of training. Used eq/primo/test/tren/anavar throughout..

    When I came off i was dreading it.. So i took a shot of triptorellin 2/3 weeks after my last test tren shot. then I started 25mg proviron and 20mg nolvadex and .05 mg cabergoline 2x per week.

    I must confess, my sex drive is crazy ...even 8 weeks off.. the cabergoline works wonders.. and i feel better off than on.. strength has gone down alittle but who cares when you can tear chicks up...

    This has been the easiest PCT ive ever had. Proviron isnt supressive medically at 25, and the combo of proviron and nolva seems to really work.. But the cabergoline is a miracle...

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    That's a hell of a combo for 6-8 months. Are you planning on getting any blood work done to check that everything is ok?

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