High Estrogen Post Cycle- Should I use Exemestane/Aromsin?

  1. High Estrogen Post Cycle- Should I use Exemestane/Aromsin?

    Finished up a 5 week cycle followed by 4 weeks of the typical nolva/ostarine pct. Cycle was Epistane 30/30/30/30/30mg and P-Stanz clone (Win-50 by Double Dragon) 150/150/150/150/150mg. Dosing for the Nolvadex was 40/20/10/10 mg and Ostarine 10/10mg (only did two weeks). Got bloods back and noticed my estrogen levels were high but within the normal range. Before my cycle estrogen was 24 pg/ml now my levels are 32.6 pg/ml (Range is 7.6-42.6pg/ml) . Test is still a little lower than I would like 300ng/dl compared to 440 ng/dl before cycle (Range is 348-1197ng/dl).

    So my question is should I run Aromasin/Exemestane at 12.5mg or so to drop my estrogen levels back down to pre-cycle levels? Also if I do choose to run the Aromasin how long should I run it for and do I have to worry about rebound estrogen?

    Aromasin looks promising to me since it drops estrogen levels by 60% @ 25mg ED while raising Test and IGF-1. This would keep my estrogen levels well within normal, but will these levels remain after I stop using the AI. Aromasin (Exemestane) Explained for my source on the above information.

    Any advice would be helpful


  2. How long after PCT did you take bloods? I would wait 6-8 weeks post pct to do bloods and make any decisions on manipulating levels.
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  3. These are fresh bloods after PCT I waited appox 3-4 days since I figured the nolva will be out of the system. Sorry for not including that. I was thinking that the best is probably to wait and see if the estrogen drops back down to normal within the 6-8 weeks, but wanted some input on the AI. If estrogen remains high would you recommend the AI?

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