Quitting Epistane after Day 6 - SERM / PCT needed?

  1. Quitting Epistane after Day 6 - SERM / PCT needed?

    I've decided to quit this cycle prematurely after DAY 6 for a number of personal reasons.

    I'm feeling some suppression / ball shrinkage and mildly sensitive nips. Joints were dry since day 2.

    I don't want to go overboard with hormones - if I should be able to recover levels naturally in a few days / weeks.

    Would you recommend any kind of PCT or SERM after this, beyond normal support supplements? (trib, creatine, etc.)

    Here was my dosage...

    Epi @ 30mg Days 1-3
    @ 40mg Days 3-4
    @ 30mg Day 5
    @ 20mg Day 6

    Having some anxiety issues now as this was going to be my first cycle, so please help me quit freaking out. Too much broscience.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. No PCT needed. You shouldn't have any hormonal shutdown or negative changes after 6 days.
    Maybe some DAA though. Can't hurt

  3. No way your balls shrank from 6 days bro. Not from Epi anyhow.

    Now, I could be wrong of course, if anyone else has some insight. I think you are being paranoid, but that is ok. Peace of mind is most important. Keep eating, lifting, and sleeping.

  4. I've used epi a few times and I never had testicular shrinkage after 6 days. You would have to get blood work to see if your natural test production is shut down. That being said I don't see it happening in 6 days. Honestly I've ran it stacked at 30mg with trenazone/stano and had very little if any shrinkage. My guess would be that it's all in your head bro. Lmao- my first two cycles I was not stop touching my nips and balls totally mind ****ing myself. And WTF is up with changing your dose every 2 days? Not trying to be too harsh but it looks like you went into this cycle without researching and don't know what you are doing. Again without blood work its hard to tell if you are actually shut down but a test booster should do the trick. If you go with DAA you will need to also use an AI...... Like erase which you should already have on hand before starting the cycle. This is why we can't have nice things.... Like SD

  5. I would also change your name from episteve to stevetinyballsmindfuk

  6. I would run a SERM for 2 weeks just to be careful. SERMS are cheap. Better safe than sorry.
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