NEED PCT ADVICE QUICK, onset of mild gyno week 4 PCT

  1. NEED PCT ADVICE QUICK, onset of mild gyno week 4 PCT

    Hey guys so I am in my 4th week of PCT, everything was going great up until about 3 days ago. I ran a havoc cycle 30/30/40/40/40. I have noticed a lump forming under my right nipple and need some advice of what I should do. This is what my PCT looks like

    Liquid Tamox (Nolva): 40/30/20/10
    PES erase: 0/0/3/2/2/1
    Testforce 2: normal bottle dosing
    PCT Assist
    Fish Oil

    I am thinking about ordering liquid letro in the morning but am unsure of what I should do when tapering off the doses. I don't have much liquid tamox left so I was thinking use letro and continue with erase after to avoid rebound. Should I dose the letro, taper off, and continue on with PES erase and another tub of testforce 2. Or should I take letro, PES erase and testforce together and just continue with erase and testforce once the lump subsides. Any immediate help would be great.

    Thanks guys,

  2. Finish pct, order letro run it solo get more nolva also start low with letro and work your way up. 5mg is a good number I would start at 2.5 and go from there. Your going to feel like **** on it no libido and tired around one month lump should get smaller once it disappears taper of the letro then start the nolva for a few weeks to prevent estrogen rebound.

    I would get blood work prior to starting letro

  3. Thanks for the response man. I hear alot of people saying to start letro right away though?


  4. You can do that if you like I was taking in to consideration if you order now on how long it will take you to get your letro

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