Clomiphine question

  1. Clomiphine question

    Thoughts on clomiphine dosing... 100 /50/25/25.. Or 25/25/25/25 ml? 8 week oral ph cycle.. Multiple compounds (back ground. Or just stick to tamoxifen citrate?


  2. Last 4 weeks of cycle for background

  3. Although I don't have much info on your cycle, the following should work for you:

    Clomid 50/25/25/12.5 maybe even run an extra week depending on how you feel.
    OTC AI like Erase or Formasurge for 4 weeks.
    Your favorite natty test booster for 4 weeks.

    If its a wet cycle, run an AI during. Don't allow estrogen to raise and the address the problem in PCT.

    If its methylated, run cycle assist during the cycle and then into PCT.

    Treat PCT with as much respect as you do the actual cycle.

  4. Can you see the image I attached? Did it from Tapatalk.. Not sure. My second ph cycle. B4 that only ran test injectable cycles and pct with nolva. I have clomiphine on hand as well as tamoxifen this go around.. Only want to use the clomiphine. Should I expect any estrogen rebounds? Thanks for your input brother

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  5. I can see the image now. It was so small that I overlooked it.

    You may have a little rebound (or not). You'll just have to pay attention to estrogen sides like bloating. I have a lot more experience with orals like dbol, var, drol, tbol, winny, etc than I have with PH's or designer steroids. So it's hard to say about rebound. But what I can say is that this forum gets flooded with guys who experienced estrogen sides or gyno unexpectedly on the PH cycle.

    People need to remember that even if a compound doesn't aromatize, estrogen can still increase.

    For me personally, I like to start out each cycle with a light dose of an AI like Aro or Adex. Then I make small adjustments as my cycle progresses based upon how I feel.

    I agree to use clomid over the Nolva as in my experience it does a better job stimulating lh. But keep the Nolva on hand for any gyno symptoms.

    But remember, clomid by itself is not a complete pct.


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