Finished first H-drol cycle yesterday.

  1. Finished first H-drol cycle yesterday.

    Just got done with my first ph. I'll give ya a little rundown...
    Took CEL H-drol I purchased CEL before I found out they stopped making h-drol. I thought it was gonna be bunk, but it was pretty solid. Started off at 168lbs...I'm 5'8'' now weight 180lb. My weight goes up and down daily by a pound or i'll give it a little while to see where i'm truly at.

    First 2 weeks gained 8lbs total. Everyone says the 3rd week is the best...only gained maybe 2lbs that week.
    4th week was awesome alot of strength gains.
    5th and 6th were pretty good.
    No sides besides a lil acne and little bit of back and pumps in my forearms.


    Just took my first dose of nolvadex, and this stuff is stronger than vodka

  2. lol yeah the liquid nolva is some nasty ****. What is your full PCT looking like?
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  3. Cycle Assist ED,
    Pct Assist ED,
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Erase Pro 3rd week 1 pill ED
    Creatine ED

    Any tips on getting rid of little bit of acne on arms? Looks like a lil bit of chicken pox than pimples.

  4. Awesome PCT!

    In my experience if you get acne, you get acne. I have tried so many things and nothing helped. There are some washes out there, but nothing helps my acne I get on certain compounds. Sucks.

    I would just scrub them with some acne wash every day. Might want to try b6 also.
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  5. Alright, I appreciate it thanks



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