Question about PCT for Epi

  1. Question about PCT for Epi

    Hello guys,

    im pretty new here on the forums and I need some information. Ive finished my cycle on epistane and now im on my pct. Im taking Forerunner Labs Reboot and AI Nutrition pct. My problem is that I think I got a gyno from that. I got fat nipples and they look a bit strange and too much in shape. To be on the safe side , im thinking about taking Tamox. Any advices if I can take the tamox with my pct protocol ? And how much of tamox should I take ? Thanks in advance.

  2. Tamoxifen should have been taken the very next day after your cycle ended. Get on that quick! Remember, no SERM = no cycle!
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  3. Im already more then 2 weeks in my pct is it still possible to take tamox ?

  4. Yes 20/20/10/10 stat! Lol thats mgs split into weeks and you should have a AI aswell bro. Pick up some erase pro
    Why not zoidberg?

  5. Actually you should probably get adex at this point
    Why not zoidberg?

  6. What is adex ? Ok do i need to take the tamox for 4 weeks then ?

  7. Its a aromatase inhibitor. Research chems my man, same place you got your serm you can get a aromatase inhibitor.
    Why not zoidberg?

  8. Ok I got my tamox know. Started today taking it. When will I see results with my nipples ?

  9. I don't know, I don't have/haven't had gyno before. I'd look around the forum, there is plenty on gyno and getting g rid of it. You will probably need a strong AI
    Why not zoidberg?

  10. But why do you think that I need a strong AI ?


    Read lol and start researching not just leaning on people to give feed you info
    Why not zoidberg?

  12. My suggestion is:

    Nolva 40/20/20/10
    Adex .25/.25/12.5/12.5


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