Havoc/Test E PCT

  1. Havoc/Test E PCT

    I just finished the 5th week of my current Havoc + Test E cycle. This is my 5th cycle.
    I dosed the Havoc at 40 mg for the first four weeks, and the 4th week I started Test E at 500 mg/wk (2 doses of 250). After the end of the fourth week, I dropped the Havoc.

    So, it went like this:
    Week 1 - 40 mg Havoc ED
    Week 2 - 40 mg Havoc ED
    Week 3 - 40 mg Havoc ED
    Week 4 - 40 mg Havoc ED AND 500 mg Test (250 on Sun & Wed)
    Week 5 - 500 mg of Test (250 on Sun & Wed)

    The day after I dropped the Havoc, my nipples became super tender. Within three days they were also pointy with some puffiness.

    Of course, I immediately popped 40 mg of Nolva the moment I noticed the nipple tenderness, and so for the past week I've taken 40mg/day. The tenderness has subsided some, but not much. The puffiness has definitely gone down.

    I'm assuming I hit some estrogen rebound following the Havoc, and everything I've researched said to have Nolva on hand for this (which I do). Should I keep taking 40mg/day, or should I look for some Aromasin (exemestane)? I don't want to blunt the rest of my test cycle, but I sure as hell don't want gyno. My nips are still pretty sore.

    Any thoughts?

    (For what it's worth, the Havoc was a joke. Waste of money, if you ask me).

  2. Should have started the test and havoc same week that way the test would have kicked in by the end of the havoc. Yea probably estro rebound. 5th cycle and you didn't have a AI on hand lol and why was havoc a waste in your opinion? So yea get a ai maybe letro. I hear the can practically crush gyno symptoms but also crush estro to a bad point so be carful
    Why not zoidberg?

  3. Much appreciated.

    Honestly, I've never used an AI. My main mentor has always said Nolva/Clomid was enough for any PCT. I'm thinking he might be wrong now.
    My cycles have all been test-e solo or with Deca. Even with Deca I never used an AI. Not feeling too smart now.

  4. A serm in theory is all you really need but natty stuff helps too. The problem here seems to be that they way you stacked the test and epi. The test had no time to kick in before you dropped the epi so your test was shot and boom puffy nips lol get a ai and keep the test going with the Nova until your ai gets to you. Next time start the test with you oral. Or you could do what you did again but with prop instead of e
    Why not zoidberg?

  5. What if I went back on the Havoc for a couple of weeks to suppress my estrogen? When I came back off my test cycle would still be going strong. Would that work?

    just an idea...

    btw: the reason I didn't think the Havoc was worth is was due to the severe back pumps. I wouldn't mind them from a more potent compound, but they nearly crippled me after squats or deadlifts

  6. Not sure there. I would just get on adex or some other AI but going on epi for another 2 weeks would be a waste IMO
    Yea back pumps are nasty. Taurine my brother lol. Epi can be go pretty good maps gainer if you eat your heart out... like any other compound really unless we start talking SD lol
    Why not zoidberg?


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