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  1. PCT revolution is a damn fine product. In these cases a nice addition to your pct.(with sd and other harsh compounds you also need a serm)

    I'm currently on finaflex 1 andro, and will use the pct revolution for PCT. Best thing about our 1 andro and 1 alpha is that pct revolution is enough for PCT.

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    Yes I agree I would definitely add a low 25 mg dose of clomid during PCT. But he is proposing a n OTC PCT which I stated he should add in DAA if this is the route he wants to take. And for the record I have run a successful OTC PCT with bloods to prove it, but it is always best to at least run clomid during the PCT.
    What compound
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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    What compound
    With a Test E only cycle and with a LMG only cycle.

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    6'2, 41 years old, 93kg

    I am 15 days into my PCT after my first ever cycle of Epistane and was just wanting to get some feedback.
    Thoughts? Yeah. I'm pretty sure that you just hijacked this thread!
    - mBrane

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