Got blood results but don't know what to do with them.

  1. Got blood results but don't know what to do with them.

    I am starting my 4th(6th since last inj.) week of post cycle after a long cycle of test and got some blood work done to see where I'm at. I have the results, but I don't know what they mean or what I should actually do in response to them. Some info: I am currently taking Clomid and Nolva, at 50mg a day and 25mg a day respectively. I took dbol at a low dose for four weeks, and alpha one for three weeks after that during my cycle, but I have been off of those for months. I took exemestane while on cycle and still have some on hand. Can somebody with some real experience give me some advice? Name:  Capture1.JPG
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  2. Nobody?

  3. Well what exactly do you want help with buddy?
    Looks alright to me honestly especially with what you're on. I'd get bloods several weeks after PCT to see where you are naturally.
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  4. So you think the ones that read "high" will naturally return to normal once I'm off nolva and clomid?

  5. Yep.
    Nothing's extremely high either.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by VikingBP View Post
    So you think the ones that read "high" will naturally return to normal once I'm off nolva and clomid?
    Your high ones aren't really bad. LH I think was high (on my phone hard to switch back and forth) and liver enzymes which isn't a big deal because working out itself raises that. Blood work looks good. I would get tested again a few weeks after pct. what was your test pre cycle?
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  7. Your test level is normal,depending on your age.

  8. I didn't get bloods before my cycle. But I will get them again in a few weaks. My biggest concern was about potential liver or kidney failure. I'm also surprised my estrogen was low but I'm assuming that will come back to normal as well. This was the first time I was smart enough to actually get blood drawn to see what was really happening. I always assume my test is too low and my estrogen is too high but I'll never assume anymore. I'm 28 so I guess 568 isn't too bad for my age though I would think the average 28 yr old has higher test than that.

  9. I always get blood work--I mainly only bridge these days. Doc had me on 2ml of test cyp weekly, 1mg arimadex eod and my total test level was 2800,last they checked. I'm also taking avodart and apply testim gel ,when I feel like it.

    My friend who is 32 and has never used gear-besides apply fina/dmso mix once or twice and has used Clen ,here and there ,was checked recently and his was around 780 total.

    You are fine.


  10. Thanks tren.

  11. So far so good you should see how your test levels etc is after pct

  12. Like 2 weeks after minimum

  13. Ok will do. Thank you.


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