Mid course gyno!!

  1. Mid course gyno!!

    I'm currently approaching the end of a 12 week course of test cyp and anavar (100 mg anavar daily / 1 ml (200mg) test cyp every 4 days!) course was going fine until I started getting the first signs of gyno at about week 8 (inflated sore nipples and swelling underneath! ) so I stopped the anavar but carried on the test with hcg and tamoxifen to try sort the problem but its getting worse each week, Can anyone tell me wether I should stop the course completely and just have pct ASAP or have them both together ? (Current stats : height: 5 foot 11 . Weight: 13 stone . Body fat: 10%)

  2. have you been using an Aromatase Inhibitor?

    do you have access to any letro?

    what dose of the tamoxifen are you taking?

    How much HCG are you taking and when did you start HCG?
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