Ok to use both SERM and AI in PCT?

  1. Ok to use both SERM and AI in PCT?

    Came off 16 week test cycle at 750mg/wk. I just noticed I have swelling around my right nipple. It's not bad enough to where someone would notice, but to me it's very obvious. This is really pissing me off because it just crept up on me and I never experienced any pain or itching prior to this.

    Anyway I'm not going to fiddle around and will be running letrozol at 2.5mg ED until it (hopefully) subsides.

    2 questions:

    Is high-dose raloxifene okay to use alongside this protocol?

    At what point do I need to switch to Clomid, if at all?

    I'm in a bind here because I need to kill these gyno symtoms, but also need to start getting my natural test back online.

  2. I mean don't most pct protocols normally consist of an AI and SERM anyway? Im sure you'll be fine with both as long as the ralox doesnt interfere with your letro. I dont have any experience with the rolaxifene so I can't help you there. As for booting up your LH and hpta, unless you're using hcg, clomid is your best bet id say.

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