Quit Epistane Cycle

  1. Quit Epistane Cycle

    I am 25 running epistane for the second time. Looking to put on some lean muscle with minimal fat. I am currently 6 foot 195 with 7 years of lifting experience (3 serious).

    I recently started a cycle of epistane (havoc) and have been dosing it 30mg for the past two weeks. I was originally planning to run a 30/30/40/40 setup but I have decided to quit due to unbearably sore joints and headaches. I was wondering if i should stick to my original pct plan of tamox 20/20/10/10 or would something different be better. Please help me. I don't feel shutdown completely as I still have a lot of energy and libido. Let me know what you think is my best move. Thanks.

  2. your pct plan is fine....

  3. Do you think the four week pct is still required? or could i get away with something less. How shutdown can you get in just two weeks of epi at 30mg?

    And thanks for the quick reply btw. I have been taking cycle assist, taurine, glutamine, fishoil and all my support supps but still cant handle the cycle. I think i was just sick the past week and thats effecting me too.

    thank again

  4. Why not bridge into another compound
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  5. I was planning another cycle to do after this one to try to bulk up. I had considered a bridge but decided i am just going to abort as I am super busy at work during this time. A cycle at this time wasn't the best idea in the first place. The stress from work is definately adding to the misery on cycle. Do you think I am as shutdown as ill get? Or will i continue to get more shutdown if i were to even stick through the cycle til the end?

    thanks again

  6. Wat epi do u have
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  7. its havoc. epi clone

  8. another question too. I have developed a little lump under my nips. Im guessing gyno onset. Is this due to me not taking an ai along with the epi? should i take an ai with my serm?

  9. IMO I would go with the 4 week PCT.
    By day 15 of my Havoc cycle I was pretty shutdown, so thats why I would go that way.
    Good luck.

  10. I was attempting an epistane only cycle as my first cycle. I have also decided to quit my cycle after just 13 days at 30mg becauase of what i fear is gyno coming on. I was planning on taking nolva for pct at 20/20/10/10 would this be enough to hopefully knock out the gyno and recover fully. I also d'ont want to have to worry about estrogen rebound from the nolva. Could that be a problem? Thanks for the help everyone. I would start my own feed but this one is the same.

  11. estrogen rebound doesnt come from serms. it comes from tanking estrogen with too strong or too high of a ai dose, or by using a comeptetive ai instead of a suicide ai at too high of a dose

    the headaches were just pressure headches, they should of subsided after a week. or you were dehydrated all the time. youd probly be fine with a smaller pct, but why leave anything to chance? typical abort protocol is just full pct to wipe your ass clean, then start over in the future and hope for better results

    is that lump in your tit painful or at least sensitive? if not, youre either squeezing pubertal gyno, or chest fat

  12. the lump is not painful at all. It kinda just feels like breast tissue because its around the whole nipple area and stretches under my arm pit a little. Do you suggest taking a test booster such as tribulus or DAA during this pct? Also would an otc ai be a good idea? Thanks for the help. I am starting pct today at 40mg tamoxifene citrate to just kick start everything.

  13. does anyone think DAA and an OTC AI such as erase are a good call during this pct?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by rippednick42 View Post
    does anyone think DAA and an OTC AI such as erase are a good call during this pct?
    that's what im currently using and have had no problem so far. im in second almost third week of pct

  15. Hows the lipido? Ive heard some great things about DAA. What was you cycle?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by rippednick42 View Post
    Hows the lipido? Ive heard some great things about DAA. What was you cycle?
    slowly coming back. taking longer than i expected but doin good so far


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