Epistane PCT - first cycle

  1. Epistane PCT - first cycle

    I finished up a 5 week epistane cycle last week. This was my first experience with steroids, and it was incredible. I've gained almost 20 pounds. I've read epistane tends to take some time to manifest any effect, however it was clear something was going on by the 4th day. Unfortunately, I suspect I shut down big time. I've had intermittent testicle pain throughout the cycle, and my nuts shrank by around 15% (I think so anyway, possible it is just in my head). I also felt tired/lazy throughout week 5. My dosing scheme was as follows:

    Week 1: 20 mg/day
    Week 2-3: 30 mg/day
    Week 4-5: 40 mg/day

    I have (30) 100 mg clomiphene tablets, and (30) 10 mg tamoxifen tablets. I also have a small amount of bulk 6 bromo, and a small amount of topical formestane.

    I took 100 mg of clomiphene for the first couple days, then dropped down to 50 mg. I've also been taking 10 mg of tamoxifen each day. I only had (30) 10 mg pills, so I'm trying to stretch them out. The first couple days off the sauce sucked, but I am starting to feel better. No sides from the clomiphene or tamoxifen so far.

    Is there any point in taking any of the other stuff I have during this pct, or just save it? Should my existing dosing regimen be changed at all? Thanks in advance.

  2. I would continue the clomid at 25 mg. I know a lot of guys like 50-100 but ime, low doses of clomid are very effective and the sides are non-existent. I would also save the Nolva in case you really need it (itchy, puffy, sore nips, etc).

    Yes, add the topical Forma. It's an excellent AI during pct, also a little anabolic.

    Then you might also find a good natty test booster to add to the mix.

    All of the above will have you feeling great and on to a quick recovery.

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