Pain medicine and gyno

  1. Pain medicine and gyno

    Hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong section
    But I figure some of yas might be able to help
    Me out

    Ok I'm 29 when I was in my early 20s
    I was in great shape (natty) then around 23
    I got majorly addicted to oxy contin I couldn't
    Stop abusing the opiates I became a straight up

    about 3 yrs ago I got on methadone maintenance for my addiction an this got me clean

    I started lifting again an about 6 months on methadone I noticed a lil pain around my right nip
    But ignored it an it went away

    Now since I hadn't really been lifting for a while
    I wanted to get my strength back before I worried about cutting up ( I had some extra weight on me from not lifting / using the opiates)

    So now as I'm slimming Down I'm still carrying a decent amount of chest fat puffy nips so I'm just
    Noticing I got a mild case of gyno

    Now I have ran a test c only cycle
    And an epi/katanadrol cycle recently

    But as I think back the issue was def there before the cycles wich leads me to preety much pinpoint the issue around the time I got on methadone

    Since looking online I've realized this is a side effect a lot of males experience while on high amounts of opiates since they shut your test Down preety bad

    From what I've read I think? It causes a rise In prolactin so my question is would letro/prami caber any of these help reverse this?

    It's ****in with my head preety bad an i figured if anyone got the knowledge it would be someone here I do have a dr appt in a month but I really doubt he's gonna know what to do since drs are preety clueless about the side effects of methadone
    An if there is an option before surgery I wanna try it since my insurance sucks an I don't have the funds to just get surgery

    I'm still on the methadone but a much lower dose then originally on
    Any advice would help thanks

    If I left anything important out lmk


  2. I got nothin man... Sending you a pm
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  3. You can't really reverse gyno, just make it not get worse.
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    X-GELS THE Prohormone alternative!

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