Pain medicine and gyno

  1. Pain medicine and gyno

    Hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong section
    But I figure some of yas might be able to help
    Me out

    Ok I'm 29 when I was in my early 20s
    I was in great shape (natty) then around 23
    I got majorly addicted to oxy contin I couldn't
    Stop abusing the opiates I became a straight up

    about 3 yrs ago I got on methadone maintenance for my addiction an this got me clean

    I started lifting again an about 6 months on methadone I noticed a lil pain around my right nip
    But ignored it an it went away

    Now since I hadn't really been lifting for a while
    I wanted to get my strength back before I worried about cutting up ( I had some extra weight on me from not lifting / using the opiates)

    So now as I'm slimming Down I'm still carrying a decent amount of chest fat puffy nips so I'm just
    Noticing I got a mild case of gyno

    Now I have ran a test c only cycle
    And an epi/katanadrol cycle recently

    But as I think back the issue was def there before the cycles wich leads me to preety much pinpoint the issue around the time I got on methadone

    Since looking online I've realized this is a side effect a lot of males experience while on high amounts of opiates since they shut your test Down preety bad

    From what I've read I think? It causes a rise In prolactin so my question is would letro/prami caber any of these help reverse this?

    It's ****in with my head preety bad an i figured if anyone got the knowledge it would be someone here I do have a dr appt in a month but I really doubt he's gonna know what to do since drs are preety clueless about the side effects of methadone
    An if there is an option before surgery I wanna try it since my insurance sucks an I don't have the funds to just get surgery

    I'm still on the methadone but a much lower dose then originally on
    Any advice would help thanks

    If I left anything important out lmk


  2. I got nothin man... Sending you a pm
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  3. You can't really reverse gyno, just make it not get worse.
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  4. I know it is too late for the OP now. But just for people who may google this stuff. Yes, opiates/opiods can cause gyno, particularly when you're using steroids. I learned this the hard way. Wasted alot of money, had to go through several weeks of extreme anxiety and depression. Anyways to keep the post short what caused my gyno was tramadol and Marijuana. Luckily I was able to reverse it as I had pretty much all the necessary anciliaries on hand. Although it was actually quiting the cycle and the passage of time that I got rid of the gyno. I also suspect it is the prolactin increase that does this. But it is complicated that dopamin agonists like Caber doesn't help at all with this issue. Wierd I know. There is most probably some other mechanism involved that we don't know of yet. But we do know that Opiates and Marijuana can very well cause puffy nipples/ gyno in some men.

  5. I think the only thing in marijuana that causes gyno is Oreos and gummy bears
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