Alpha mass/bulk stack...Reboot or Nolvadren for PCT?

  1. Alpha mass/bulk stack...Reboot or Nolvadren for PCT?

    Hey guys im relatively new on this site and Im looking for some PCT suggestions. Im currently on a 8 week cycle of Alpha mass and bulk. Im on week 6 and Im preparing for PCT. I have good gains in size, definition and strength and obviously I would like to keep it as much as possible. I have reboot, sustain alpha and Nolvadren that I was planning on using for PCT. I know that using both reboot and nolvadren might be too much of a estrogen suppressant for me. So im contemplating running reboot and sustain alpha for 4 weeks, then running the nolvadren for an additional 4 weeks to lean out some of the size I have gained from the AM/AB. If you guys have any suggestions or info that would shed some knowledge on this plan it would be greatly appreciated. I also have some lean extreme on hand that I was thinking about stacking with the nolvadren to really get shredded for the summer. I just don't want my hormone balance and test levels to be so far out of wack that im going crazy. I know my body will need a break and im not sure if stacking all these products for 3-4 months would be too much. Any info is appreciated. Thanks guys!

  2. reboot

  3. I have been on my 3rd week of PCT with reboot and sustain alpha. Im thinking of doing a month of nolvadren when im done with my PCT. How would this effect my hormone balance? Should I wait a month or 2 to start to nolva? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

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