Is my PCT sufficient?

  1. Is my PCT sufficient?

    I'm 1 week into my first test cycle, 100mg Test Prop EOD for 8-9 weeks.

    I have Arimidex on hand for any estro issues, hopefully I don't need it.

    I have lots of Nolvadex on hand, more than I need, will this suffice? After reading into it more Clomid seems to be the champion here, in terms of speed of recovery. I'd like to recover ASAP but will Clomid make a significant different or with the Nolvadex be enough?

    Also any recommended dosages/regiments for when coming off with the Nolva...or Clomid if necessary.

  2. Never noticed a difference between Nolva and Clomid (except I get a little more emotional on clomid), but I actually usually run both.

    You never want to half ass PCT because you want to keep your hard earned gainz.

    I would do this:

    DAA (SNS makes a good one)
    Reduce XT (to combat the cortisol rebound)

    I like to do 5-6 week PCT for longer cycles like yours, instead of the usual 4 week PCT.
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  3. Clomid is the way to go. 25 mg day= all the benefits and almost no sides. Above 25 and your gonna be a whinny emotional bitch.

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