Planning PCT for Ostarx

  1. Planning PCT for Ostarx

    Hi Guys,
    Im going to run Ostarx 20mg a day for 4 weeks. Im planning for the worse just in case I get suppressed I have Torem on hand for PCT. Im just wondering without taking blood work what are the signs to look for that I may need to take the SERM? I dont want to overkill the PCT but I want to be prepared for the worse. Also please share dosing suggestions for the Torem? I was thinking 60mg for 4 weeks.

  2. Dude you do not need a serm for 4 weeks at 20 mg of osta. **** I use 20 in pct lol. I include an extended 3 weeks of pct once I drop the osta but that's my personal choice. OTC pct is fine for 20 mg of osta. Just use HCGgenerate and DAA while on it and you won't even get shut down. I never did. Balls remained huge, libido high, etc. Everyone will have a different opinion. It really comes down to you as an individual. If you are going to use torem in pct then ffs do a real prohormone cycle. You are overkilling to the extreme and torem will have plenty of side effects. Not as much as nolva and clomid but still. For the gains you get from a 4 week run of osta the use of a serm would turn people away. If you want to run the serm run osta at 60 mg for 8 weeks or 20 mg for 12 weeks. That's my opinion

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