pct help/advice

  1. pct help/advice

    I am thinking about starting a cycle of primo at 600mg a week around 13 Weeks and test e at 500 mg a week for 12, my question is a cycle of nolvadex enough of a pct? I have it written down at home but I think the cycle was a month at 40 mgs a week, 30mgs a week, 20mgs for two weeks, but like I said it might be different from that, I'm just not at home. I also will be running erase while on my cycle of primo and test. Any advice will be helpful and carefully considered!

  2. I would do this:

    DAA (SNS makes a cheap one)
    Reduce xt (for cortisol control)

    Looks like a great cycle though! Good luck
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  3. Re: pct help/advice

    Normally people stack DAA and a estrogen/cortisol blocker with their SERM. I prefer D-POL and Recycle by Purus but Erase is very solid also.
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  4. Thanks a lot warbird01! I really appreciate it. and @ Montego1 I am running erase running during because of bloat and Gynecomastia from the test e

  5. @ Warbird I am pretty sure I am going with your advice and just want to clarify some things, That DAA by SNS you said to go 3/3/3/3 do you just mean 3 pills a day for the month when I start my PCT on the bottle it said the reccomended dosage was 4 pills though, also it is basically the same question for the Reduce XT

  6. He meant 3 grams.
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  7. If you take halovar 50/50/75/75/75/75
    6 week cycle when would start taking recycle? Would it be the after last day of halo or 5th week?

  8. How should you eat on pct?

  9. I am not 100 percent on this, but from what I have read and been told, eat normal ( like ur on cycle) for at least 2 weeks to keep gains and such

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Gw44 View Post
    How should you eat on pct?
    Like you normally would when bulking or cutting. Diet should pretty much stay the same on cycle or off, assuming its good and not ****. If your bulking add in more cals, cutting reduce them. There's no special eating in pct equation that in aware of.

  11. Hello warbird
    your cycle is lokking great, but it can be become high dosage for banksy2020. So i think get guidance from expert and implement that.


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