less sperm after pct finished

  1. less sperm after pct finished

    What up, I just ran a six week halo plex cycle did everything right after my research here on a.m I ran 50 then 75 all the way through ,I used liquid torem and erase for pct, 90 60 30 30 and 0 0 3 2 1, while I was on cycle my sperm level was normal maybe a little low and while on the torem I was putting down loads, I finished torem 5 days ago and I guess 2 days after being off my sperm amount is way down like in half, just trying to get and answer if this is normal and how long till it comes back, it's got me kind of worried, thanks
    And I should probably mention that the day my pct ended I started a summer fat cutting diet I dunno if this could be part of it, it's a pretty typical bb diet, chicken broccoli etc low Carb for 4 days then a Carb day every fifth, 2300 calories and 3100 calories on Carb days

  2. keep pcting if ur not satisfied, maybe extend it 2 more weeks

  3. it took 4 weeks of tomaxifen and 6 weeks of daa, erase pro to recover for me
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