Do I Need to Taper the SERM?

  1. Do I Need to Taper the SERM?

    Hi All,

    I am running Torem at 60mg for 1 week and was going to taper the dose to 30mg for the last week, but could i just run it at 60mg for the 2 weeks? I will than taper an AI for 2 weeks after the SERM.


  2. should be fine.....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    should be fine.....

    What is the should? what is the doubt in not tapering? I might just do 60.30 as my balls are huge now.

  4. wat did u run

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    wat did u run
    Katanadrol for 4 weeks and Alpha mass for 8 weeks

    Looked like this


  6. Doctors dont seem to taper SERMS any reason why bodybuilders do?

  7. i never found a reason to taper down. depends on the half life of what your are taking


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