time off after trifecta stack

  1. time off after trifecta stack

    I took the trifecta stack ( 7 weeks including pct ) and ended it 3 weeks ago. I was wondering if since trifecta is such a light, non methylated, pro hormone I could start msten by ironmag labs next week or the week after. Would that be okay? I feel completely fine. I know its suppose to be the rule of thumb being time on plus pct equals time off but giving the circumstances mentioned above I was wondering if this would change anythin

  2. in 2 more weeks you would have been off for 5 weeks? if so then u should be fine

  3. Another quick question hvactech,

    After cycle, Im going to run Nolva or Clomid, havent really decided yet for some reason, and E control by ironmaglabs.
    I know that you're NEVER suppose to drink alcohol while on cycle, and drinking is not a habit of mine, but since St Patrick's day in Chicago is very celebrated with partying and parades, I was wondering if there was any way possible It would be okay to consume alcohol, in the safest aspect meaning, changing the way i dose the Nolva in example instead of 20/20/10/10, 30/10/10/10 or 15/15/15/15 and I've been told that hard liquor is easier on the liver then beer so I would stay away from beer.


  4. a few drinks wont hurt.

  5. Thanks for getting back I really appreciate it. Any recommendation on the nolva dosing?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MikeT123 View Post
    Thanks for getting back I really appreciate it. Any recommendation on the nolva dosing?
    Ehhh 20/20/10/10 is fine


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