clomid pct for epistane

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    clomid pct for epistane

    tomorrow will begin the 4th week of my epistane cycle and ill be upping my dosage to 45 mg (30/30/30/45/45/45). i purchased clomid about a month ago and thought i had my pct all laid out. i also have nolva and some letrozole on hand, which i used after a superdrol cycle. i starting digging in to make sure my pct was good and from what ive been reading people are recommending:

    week 1: 50 mg
    week 2: 50 mg
    week 3: 50 mg+otc ai (ie erase)
    week 4: 50 mg+otc ai
    week 5-6: otc ai

    i also read users starting out with 100 mg week 1 and tapering down to 25 mg, which makes sense to me for tapering down. now im confused and irritated, but i still have a few weeks to tighten this up. the clomid i have is a 70 ml bottle @35 mg/ml. would really appreciate some input.

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    i dont remember the typical mg dosing protocol for clomid off hand but 50mg does seem a little low, at least to start with. starting high and tapering down is the most common method for running serms. like i said, i dont remember exactly but i think a lot of people actually start higher than 100mg just for like the first three days just to get a little initial boost. search the forums and you will find some dosing info on clomid. also, DAA is dam cheap and works well for jump starting LH signaling at 3g/day. your erase protocol looks good. its always good to having that second serm and a potent AI on hand in case things make a turn for the worst.
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