Ok this all started when I took a superdrol p mag cycle last march. PCT was clomid 2
50/25/25, it failed. I tried another PCT in July with Clomid at 100/75/50, that failed. I took a 3rd PCT a few months ago for a month with a similar Clomid dose. I got blood results (always while on Clomid though so maybe that affected results) a few times with Total T anywhere from 600-814. Free T was great, estrogen hovered around 40. I NEVER felt good on or after any of these PCTS and my testicles never grew back to normal, they are actually MAYBE half of their normal size, looking like soft grapes.
Thats how they are now too, even though I just finished Clomid/Torem for 3 weeks and am still on Forma Stanzol, ZMA, and Fadogia.
Ive gained belly fat, a lot. Never had any energy since the cycle. Small testicles no motivation drive sex drive etc. also my willy seems a bit flat. It still works completely fine but it is very hesitant to boners, I assume because of the lack of sex drive. I never think about sex, and have suffered from some anxiety as a result.
I just ordered some HCG 10,000 IU, because I never used it before. What do you guys suggest I do?