Help regarding PCT

  1. Help regarding PCT

    Need help regarding PCT for Hdrol cycle, although being a mild prohormone and not being able to aromatise or convert to estrogen a SERM is still recommended. As im not able to get hold of Nolva, I'd appreciate any help on my PCT.

    Hdrol : 50/75/75/75
    PCT: Purus Labs Recycle
    Reversitol V2
    Activate Xtreme

    Support supplements:
    Cycle Assist
    Milk Thistle

    Other Supplements:
    Whey Protein
    Animal Pak
    Waxy Maize
    Fish Oil

    I appreciate any advice and looking more specify for OTC PCT

  2. At 4 weeks you could probably get away without a serm but to say "i cant get one" is kinda rediculous
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  3. 4 weeks is pointless, get rid of the cycle assist and milk thistle and get tudca, and pmag is better than halo in my opinion..
  4. Pmag or Hdrol

    Cheers for the advice will definitely get tudca as recommended, in your opinion would pmag give better results regarding size and strength as opposed to hdrol. Correct me if I'm wrong but both are mild with low sides, therefore do you recommend I increase the cycle length to around 5 or 6 weeks.

    Background Info:
    5'10 @ 177 Lbs, been training for 5 years, have a clean diet and consume around 5 to 6 meals a day.

    Training: Mostly powerlifting/strongman

    Looking to add lean mass and increase strength.

    Appreciate the advice.

  5. Well i ran a halo cycle this summer and it did hardly nothing for me, I'm currently on my 4th week of Lgi pmag and I'm blowing up, as of now I'm up about 13lbs and I'm making personal bests every week, pumps are crazy and strength is awesome, only side so far is some back pumps and slight headaches

  6. I would run pmag 6weeks at 75mg, torem, daa, and erase for pct

  7. Noted will run pmag cycle for 6 weeks and thanks for PCT advice.

  8. Agreed. Im up 16lbs in week 4
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  9. Pmag is awesome, did deadlifts today and the back pumps almost killed me but i felt like i was gona blow up, I'm also running ams mass drops with this but i feel it's mostly pmag blowin me up, great bulker, feel like a monster, 415 on deas was easy , never has been before

  10. Very simil

  11. Very similar compounds but my results are very different

  12. strange, i havent had any pumps yet and im going really heavy lately
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