On Cycle & Post Cycle Questions- 2nd Cycle

  1. On Cycle & Post Cycle Questions- 2nd Cycle

    Im 30 years old, 6'4 215lbs. Been lifting for over 10 years now. First cycle consisted of 500mg test per week with nolva 3x per week for any sides. PCT was 1000 iu hcg/week for 3 weeks right after last pin and Nolva for 5 weeks. Training and diet are in check, my question is :

    For my next cycle, I am looking to run:
    Dbol- 40mg Ed(7days) week 1-4
    Test C or E - 500mg/week 1-10
    Tren A- 300mg/week 1-8
    HCG- 500iu/week 1-10

    For on cycle, should I run Aromasin every other day, and run caber once a week for possible tren sides?
    For post cycle, will Nolva/Clomid be sufficient for weeks 12-14?
    I am hearing several different approaches for what AI/Serm combo to use for on cycle and post cycle. Could any vets please give me some insight to what I should run both during and post? Feel free to adjust my dosages so that I can get get a better understanding of how and when I should be taking these ancillaries. Any help would be appreciated.


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