MP Nolva in pink caps?

  1. MP Nolva in pink caps?

    I just got my 40mg nolva in the mail from mp research. I was under the assumption they were tabs which would make the splitting easy. But they are pink colored caps. Do i break them open and try my best to properly split it? seems abit un-ideal.


  2. yep got my torm and they are in pink caps pissed because i cant split them now to dose the way i needed to

  3. Half-life is so long on those that eod for half works quite well. Also no posting sources on this site. I would recommend deleting this thread before you get your ass banned.
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

  4. i was thinkin the same thing that i would probably have to take them eod for half dose..thanks

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