Nolvadex after hdrol and pstanz cycle

  1. Nolvadex after hdrol and pstanz cycle

    Im running a 4 week cycle. Hdrol 25 mgs a day and pstanz 300 a day. I'm taking cycle assist and fish oil at the same time. How long should I wait to take the nolvadex? the very next day or wait a few days? What dose 20 a day I was told. Maybe a natural test booster as well. Didnt want to get to much mass just get more lean and a little more strength. That's y I decided on such a low dose of hdrol.

  2. Start nolva 24 hours after last dose of ph. D-aspartic acid at 3 grams a day for test boosting can start with nolva or a week or two in pct, the nolva will have your test up real high by itself but if you have the money it doesn't hurt. Please do some research and if anyone wants to correct me please do, your cycle was mild but normal nolva protocol is 20/20/10/10. Goodluck...what gains did you make? Im looking into pstanz, would you say it's worth the money?

  3. Thanks. So far I'm on day 10 or 11 and I feel great. My body is getting leaner. I'm not getting that "puffy look" that I hate which is great. I shopped around for a good price amazon was good.

  4. Start PCT the day after your last PH dose. Just dose the Nolva at 20/20/20/20

  5. If you wanted to cut, shoulda just ran some clen and keto, rather than get a little shut down and spend all that money on ancillaries and pct products. Woulda been a whole lot cheaper, less stress on your body, and probably better results overall.



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