HCG Help - got some bad info I think

  1. Question HCG Help - got some bad info I think

    Hey guys, looking for some help. I've already searched the forums like crazy and got some mixed answers, or lack of direct answers so looking for some true direction (with a link or otherwise).

    My guy I get my oils from gave me some HCG (FertiGyn brand, in a 10,000 IU boxed kit) and when I asked him on how to take it he told me "take 10iu in one shot, mixed with bcateriostatic water" and that's it. He's been getting flaky lately and now he's not responding and I just finished my cycle. I was on a full 12 week cycle of Test Enanthate 250, cycling 1cc every 5 days. I'm in my late 30's and my results have been great but I was sold that "HCG" is the best new thing for PCT so I bought it up.

    All I'm finding is HCG Diet information online, nothing about real direction from post cycling. Most things I find say you should take HCG during the end of the cycle. Any ideas on some "real" information about this product, how to mix, how much to mix, procedures in the injection schedule, etc? I'm lost and this is somewhat of a last hope. I'd hate to have some negative lasting results.

    Thanks in advance guys.

  2. It should have been run DURING your cycle, 250mcg twice a week and you'd be good to go with just a serm and maybe a test booster now. I've heard different stories on how much to use AFTER a cycle, up to 5000mcg twice in one week then your good... but I've never run it that way only during cycle. I know if you use the search function on the board you will find what you are looking for

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