triazole vs activate extreme vs reversitol v2

  1. triazole vs activate extreme vs reversitol v2

    I'll be wrapping up a 6 wk run of Osta Rx in about 3 weeks. I'm wanting to run a light pct afterwards, and wanted to get some opinions on these products. I'll also be running DAA along with one of these. Also thinking of just going with Athletix Titanium, but wanted to give something else a try. BTW, I'll be bridging into a short 2 weeker of epi to cap off my Osta cycle. I've always had good results with short bursts of epi - improves libido, sleep and really hardens me up.


  2. Thanks for all the suggestions!! Nah, seriously, I just decided to go with a Titanium/Division1/DAA stack. Never ran Division1, so figured I'd give it a shot since it was a bogo...

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