MP torem bunk?

  1. Question MP torem bunk?

    dont know if anyone else might have this problem but i have the torem pills and usually after i take one i get really bad gas, a little birdie told me it might be because its full of baking powder, wtf, thoughts???

  2. U can't source!
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  3. didnt

  4. Name In title? Ya
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  5. well whatever, whats your thought, gas= baking powder

  6. I had heard that they used baking powder just for a filler for a couple of their items, not that it is ALL baking soda. Not sure about the torem though. Also, you can request for the use of a different filler if the baking soda causes problems for you. But apparently when using the other filler it expires sooner. Something about the baking soda absorbing moisture or something? Cant remember exactly.


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