Pullin my hair out

  1. Pullin my hair out

    Well not really, my stack is actually helping it fall off. Nah jk.. Was reading some logs, rickrock logs are great.. Want to add some of these below to my PCT but can't find it all in one store. Can anyone PM me advice on how to get all these at one store possibly?


    Thanks stay strong..

  2. unless mr supps starts selling ostarine i think you're out of luck.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. Dang that sucks. Must of been really good from all the raves I've been reading

  4. if it makes you feel better you don't need DAA or phytoserms for ostarine.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  5. Agree not for Ostarine but included for my PCT from the cycle I'll be off in a few weeks. Heard Natadrol is similar to Ostarine? Anyone can confirm?

  6. Actually found it guys.. from different site but still found it! Doesn't look like its sold out and actually on sale!

  7. natadrol isn't anything like ostarine.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast View Post
    natadrol isn't anything like ostarine.
    Lookin at it more, def agree with you. Now to think how much I need and interval during pct. 30ML might cut it for me.


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