so I am planning to jump to the pinning side... and gathering items for my cycle.

For now, this is all that I have set for sure:

wk1-12 - 275mg test blend 2x/wk
wk15-18 - Nolva 40/40/20/20
wk15-18 - PP TRS
wk15-18 - PP TCF-1 one bottle worth (25days)

I have about 500mg (50x10mg) of anavar as well, which I might stack as a finisher, but not sure yet.
For a kicker, I'm looking at using my remaining stash of Transform-SD for 3 wks, or I might just not use a kicker at all so I can start the cycle earlier (lethargic sides will be catastrophic for my work)

PCT: now here's the real concern

I have about 100x10mg of Nolva on hand
I also picked up some research chem exemestane 30ml x 25mg from (I wanted pharma-grade, but can't justify $2-3/25mg pop)

I have heard about ppl using 12.5g aromasin in the later stages of the cycle and bridging it into PCT... 25mg for 2 wks after last pin, then 12.5mg throughout pct. What are all of your thoughts on this? or when should I use the exemestane? and can I reduce the nolva is I use aromasin in the PCT? I really hate what nolva does to my libido...