IGF xtreme pct?

  1. IGF xtreme pct?

    Does anyone know if I need a pct for american cellular labs IGF-1 xtreme? Anyone had any success with this product?
    Thanks for any help!

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    Googled it just now. Hadn't heard of it. Tried to pull supp facts, but couldn't. Post those and you'll likely get a better response (at least from me, so I know what it is).
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  3. Never heard of it either. If it's just an IGF supp, like Applied Neutricuticals IGF-2 then you don't need a pct for it. But you should of known this before you started taking it

  4. Thx guys, that was my problem too. Not much info on it, and I never said I already started taking it, lol! But thx for the concern! I don't remember anyone else ever taking a pct with any other igf products but just wanted to check.

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