Rate my PCT - 6 week Epi Cycle

  1. Question Rate my PCT - 6 week Epi Cycle

    Hey everyone. My first post here. Thought I'd ask for some feedback on my PCT.

    Age: 32
    Weight at start: 170
    I've been serious with diet and lifting for about 3 years now. This is my first cycle.
    I've got about 10 days left on the following cycle of CEL E-Stane.

    On Cycle Support: Milk Thistle, Fish Oil, Daily Vitamins

    I'm up to about 184 now. Gains in lifts and muscle are solid. Just now noticing some very slight HPTA suppression. No other noticeable sides, aside from irritability and some lethargy during first week or so.

    Here is my planned PCT.

    SERM: Nolva 20/20/10/10/
    AI: PCT Reload 0/0/4/4/4/4
    Test Boost: HCGenerate: 3/3/3/3
    Cortisol Blocker: SNS - Reduce XT: 4/4/4/4

    I thought about going with Clomid instead, but everyone I've spoken to about it said that the sides were the worst. I've also read that with the lower mg dose that Nolva requires, it helps to reduce sides.

    Tell me what you think? Have I missed anything?

  2. Looks good.

  3. I would add some DAA to your PCT...stacks really well with HCgen. You can get some @ the NTBM store for 16.99 shipped with coupon code needto139

  4. Geez - It's too much! If you already have all of that stuff, then use it because your PCT looks amazing. Don't worry about DAA, the nolva alone will elevate LH and increase your natty test much quicker than DAA. And if PCT reload is a true AI, then starting it 3rd week of PCT is PERFECT. I still think it is overkill, but if you have it or want to spend that kind of money, then I guess it is better safe than sorry.
    Epi is a much kinder PH than superdrol, and my PCT after a M-Drol/Stano-drol cycle was only this:
    Nolva - 30/20/20/10/10/ 0
    Aromasin - 0/ 0/10/20/20/10
    Natty T booster - 2/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 0/ 0

    Total cost - Nolva - $14 Aromasin - $25 Natty T Booster - $30 = $69

    My recovery was amazing and I actually got stronger - no gyno rebound thanks to the Aromasin (exemestane), which by the way is FAR superior during PCT than Arimidex. On cycle, I would do Arimidex if I needed to control bloat @ .5mg EOD

  5. Is Aromasin that much better?? What an innovative supplement!! Lol. Might have to get me a bottle. I've seen most run Torem after Tren PH's. Would you still rather Aromasin after Tren?

  6. Well, it is proven that type II (non-steroidal) AI's actually lose their potency when combined with a SERM, so if you took Letro with Nolva, the effects of Letro would be "watered" down to what the effects of Arimidex would be by itself. I believe Letro blobks about 95%+ of all new estrogen in the body, but combined with Nolva, maybe a little more than half that. And Adex alone will block about 50-60% estrogen in the body, but when combined with Nolva, about 20-30%. So you are basically throwing your money away. But since Aromasin is a type I (steroidal) AI, then it will not interfere with nolva and permanently block the free estrogen rebounding in your system, preventing attachment to the receptors at a 60-80% rate with or without the Nolva. So Nolva will do its job with breasts affinity and Aromasin with everything else. That, IMO is the most effective and efficient way to go about it.

  7. Sources:
    "Nolvadex will lower the levels of both Letrozole and Arimidex in your system" according to The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Volume 79.
    "You won’t experience lower blood plasma levels of Aromasin because of use of Nolvadex. You will not build up a tolerance to Aromasin due to the previous use of a type II AI (letro, a-dex) - so immediate switch-over is ok" according to Volume 9, issue 2 of The Oncologist Journal.

    I don't want to make it seem like I am just mumbling BS - I am currently writing my Case Paper on the myths of steroid use and have a TON of sources to back myself up.

  8. To answer your question, I would run Tamoxifen rather than Toremifene, and Aromasin rather than A-dex during PCT. ON CYCLE, if bloating symptoms occurred, I would run non-steroidal Arimidex. ON CYCLE if gyno symptoms occurred, I would run Toremifene as it is a bit easier on your liver, and effective at preventing permanent binding to your breast tissue. Nolva is still the better SERM for PCT ss long as you are healthy, because it will elevate your LH much quicker than Torem and speed up recovery. So use Nolva as your trusted SERM and Aromasin as your trusted AI for PCT only.

  9. Run the AI two wks longer once the serm ends. Also start the anti cortisol day 15 of pct. That's when it begins to rise.

  10. If you aren't competing, throw some creatine monohydrate in there as well.

  11. Thanks for the responses guys. I've started week 2 of Nolva. I actually did get some DAA to take with my morning shake, and I've been throwing in some creatine now too with my shakes. First few days on Nolva are a little wicked. Turned into a little bi**tch there with my PMS. Aside from that, things are going well. I'll keep you posted.

  12. Day 14 of PCT. Getting ready to start AI and Anti-Cort. I have to say that since stopping the PH, I've felt much weaker in the gym, so I haven't been really pushing myself that hard. Just making sure I'm consistently going and trying to get a good 80% workout, as opposed to the 110% while on PH.

    Yesterday was MUCH Better! Did 405x2 on my last set of dead lifts, which is a personal best. I can tell natural test is coming back up. These next two weeks should be interesting...

  13. Lookin better!!

  14. i thought torem was better for LH than Nolva?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bigwhiteguy29 View Post
    i thought torem was better for LH than Nolva?
    It is. Torem >>>> everything

  16. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier View Post
    It is. Torem >>>> everything
    good i have like 3200-3500 mg of Torem i think?


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