finaflex ripped/pct help

  1. finaflex ripped/pct help

    Will make this short. I'm 24 years old have taken two pills a day for the past FOUR days.
    Will not be taking it anymore do not want to risk getting "andro co*k."
    Do i need to do pct? i have only taken 8 pills so is it necessary?

  2. Also sorry if this is in the wrong section please dont bash me just looking for quick help. Thanks in advance

  3. No.

  4. prolly shoulda done your homework first! but you should be fine and no need for any pct.
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  5. ok thank u!! stangbanger? nice i have a stang too!!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by oreoboy18 View Post
    ok thank u!! stangbanger? nice i have a stang too!!!
    I used to have a few back in the day when I raced... no more racing and sold all the stangs... ill be back in one some day.
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