PCT starts in the morning

  1. PCT starts in the morning

    Hey all. So I just finished up my last dose of Havoc this evening. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the results. In the past month I've put on 10 pounds. My dosage was set at 20/30/40/40. I can attest, like many others, that 40 is the sweet spot. Next run I'm probably gonna run 30/40/40/50.

    Ok, so I have all the things needed, I'm sure. I'm taking clomid. I was curious about the dosage. I've read that 100/50/50/25 is a good routine. Any suggestions? And when should I take it?

    Alrighty.. I have clomid, cycle support, PC support, and will be buying an NO product in the morning. Should I get anything else, or am I good to go?

    Thanks yall.

  2. Clomid itself is fine. 50mgs x 4 weeks is more than enough. Take whenever it doesn't matter
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Cool, thanks man.

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