Triple stack PCT

  1. Triple stack PCT

    taking a triple stack, M-drol H-drol and M-lmg

    was wondering what i should use for my PCT.
    havent started the cycle yet. I picked up novedex XT
    because the nutrition store told me it would be a good PCT
    for the cycle, but i just wasnt really convinced by how sure they were.

    I could use some info on this very badly.
    such as, a name of a PCT, and dosage.

    I looked up cycle assist, because i was told it has an estrogen blocking agent.
    is this correct?
    and should i go with that?

    im not too fond of injecting, so any research chems like that, i just dont think id wanna do that.

    thank you for listening/responding if you do.
    any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. desperate bump

  3. Your posts indicate you haven't a clue as to how bad you are about to screw yourself up. Not bashing, but to run 3 compounds; two of which are methyls and the other ethyl is not a very good idea. That you would consider novedex as pct goes to proving you need to do more homework. Also, research chemicals for pct are not injectable they're oral suspensions. Lurk on the board some more and utilize the search feature at the top of the page. Research every one of the compounds thoroughly. After that research some more; then you have a foundation to ask solid questions that will put you on the right track for running the best cycle possible. good luck

  4. Your nutrition store is retarded, they're there to make money and screw you up.

    Your using stuff that should NOT be stacked.
    You should drop some of your substances
    You WILL DEFINITELY need a SERM unless you WANT to grow boobs and have peanut sized nuts.

    I suggest you drop the MDrol, which is THE STRONGEST DS out there, pick one more to drop, then finish your cycle, which will give you time to acquire a SERM and educate yourself.

    I also hope that you're over 23 y/o.

  5. TROLL? or just have not done ANY research at all...

    enjoy the boobs and no balls for life.

  6. steakboy
    steakboy's Avatar

    To hell with it dude, just run all three for a full year. You won't even be able to fit in your coffin you'll be so huge.


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