Got lumps going into PCT, need advice

  1. Got lumps going into PCT, need advice

    I have already done a lot of searching/researching about gyno lumps and symptoms. But would like some advice if possible. I have run previous cycles before, all using proper PCT with a SERM and have never had gyno symptoms prior until now.

    I am currently ending my xtren/dplex cycle short due to gyno lump development in both nipples. Now I know it's possible for prolactin gyno to occur due to the xtren. But from what I understand, only estrogen can cause actual lump growth, and I do not have any "leakage" at all (I also took P5P during cycle as well). I started taking Letro about a week or so after the lumps appeared. I am really unsure of when they actually appeared, b/c it seemed to happen very quickly, therefore I am guessing it was about a week. Now I have been on Letro (2.5mg/ED) for about 2 weeks and have noticed no reduction. I have read that Letro can take up to 3 weeks to take effect?

    My real question is, how do I proceed with PCT. I was planning on running Clomid at 100/75/50/50. Should I keep running the Letro with Comid until the lumps shrink? I have exemestane on hand and was planning to use this for a month after tapering off the letro to prevent any possible rebound. If Letro will pretty much wipe out estrogen during PCT, how could this effect my recovery? My first priority here it to wipe out the lumps ASAP.

    I have also read a few threads about Raloxifene being used to reduce gyno. Not sure what the best procedure should be during PCT. I thought about adding in Raloxifene with the letro and clomid, as ralox can take about 3-4 weeks to kick in (I would run it for about 8-10 weeks).

  2. weak sauce bro lol first week of SD for me and i got some gyno but im def finishing my 4 weeks. how hav u been taking the letro, did u taper?
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  3. ill take that back, my nipps are killin me
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  4. I have been using Letro for only 2 weeks, didn't taper up, just started it at 2.5mg/ED. No reduction yet. I have decided to run Raloxifene along with Clomid during PCT. I have read it's one of the best SERMs to use to help with gyno (better than tomax). I guess when it comes to reducing gyno (without surgery), all you really have is AIs and SERMs and a bit of luck.

  5. thats probably why, u didnt taper up. ur supposed to start off at like .25 and increase by .25 each day that passes till u hit 2.5mg. letro can cause estrogen spike if dosed wrong. try a natural AI instead, see if that makes a diff and taper off the letro
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)



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