Problems comin off Letro to Nolva; How long to run Nolva?

  1. Problems comin off Letro to Nolva; How long to run Nolva?

    Some history: I'm 25, 6'2 & 195. Last year in April or May after many years of planning I ran my 1st PH, 4 weeks of HDrol at 50mg. About the mildest thing I could find, I ended up gaining 9 & holding 7 lbs after pct (& dropped 3% BF). I experienced no sides at all & after 4 weeks of Nolvadex was in pretty good shape. About 2 months after pct I experienced bad estro rebound & got a very mild case of gyno to the left side. I instantly got back on Nolva at 20mg & within a week the active signs were gone. I was left with a very minor fat deposit basically in the lower left corner of the pec, ony noticeable if I looked for it.

    I made the decision to run Letro thinking it was minor enough I could get rid of it that way. Ran the C-Bino protocol for 8 weeks & I did see some improvement in size. So I tapered off & went to 30mg Nolva to come off & less than 3 days into Nolva I had mad rebound. Made the choice to get right back on Letro for another 60 days, this time staying close to 2.5 all the way. However I tapered off alot gentler, like 3-4 days at each dose on the way down. I also ran Nolva at 60mg starting the last 2 days of Letro. This 2nd Letro run wasn't very effective on the gyno & now I'm 24 days into Nolva. My concern is, the Nolva just isn't helping things. I've had a puffy dark left nip since going on Nolva & it is quite sensitive. The gyno itself has stayed down, but the active signs persist. I'm just wondering if it has taken others a Long time on Nolva before symptoms stop? So far I've went 60/40/30 & am at 30mg currently. Oh yeah I also wondered if my Liquid was bunk (rui) so I've been splitting it half pill, half liquid to be safe.

    I've kind've accepted that I'll prolly need surgery in about a year. Right now tho, I just want my estro to settle down. It's also hard to make any gains while on all this estro killing crap. Is there anything else I can throw in to help? I have Inhibit E & Reversitol on hand. Should I run like .25 letro for abit? Or just stick to Nolva & wait it out?

  2. I ran Nolva for 5 weeks tapering down to 10mg at the end. I'm now off it & taking Inhibit E for the 1st time to test it out. I'm loving it so far. As for the Nolva I don't know what to think. I still have a darker left nip, not so much puffy anymore & definately no new gyno to speak of. Maybe I built tolerance to Nolva who knows? Not overly worried atm, but I really wish the color would return to normal. I might run Epistane in a few months & hope for some of the anti-e benefits, then after that try & get supp free for awhile lol. Guess I'll discuss the Epi when that comes up.

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