deca/test e/anavar cycle. proper pct? help

  1. deca/test e/anavar cycle. proper pct? help

    So im 22 6'1 200lbs, a personal trainer ffor4years and been lifting for 6 years (football-baseball in hs and college) on my 3rd cycle and it looks like this so far
    weeks 1-12 test e 500/week
    weeks 1-10 deca 250/week
    weeks 6-12 tbol 60mg/daily

    Noow here's the tricky part. I've read countless info about hcg and im gonna order it as well but I've read to take a shot e5d during cycle and into pct. However other studies say don't run hcg for more then 2-3 weeks so help. Also I plan on taking armidex(spelling) and either clomid or nolva with it. Pct is the most important part and I wanna have it on lock. I would LOVE to get hcgenerate but that stuff is immpossible to get! So anyone whose taking a proper pct with test e/deca let me know

  2. Cycle looks good. But your title says Anavar and your OP says Tbol? They're not the same thing. FYI

    Anyway, 19-Nors (Deca, Tren) are known to shut you down hard. Take the hCG for the last few weeks of your cycle only. You don't wanna stay on that stuff long term and with that cycle length you shouldn't really have to. Two times a week at 250ius per shot should be good. Take more if needed. But don't take it into PCT, leave that to your SERM.

    Arimidex during cycle for estro control. Nolva and/or Clomid for PCT.

    Lastly, you may experience progesterone sides from the Deca. For that, many will recommend Caber Or Dostinex but I found Pramipexole to be more effective and has better positive sides. Just be careful with your dosage. Start low and work up to gauge your tolerance. You should be able to get it where you get your other ancillaries.

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