Liquid Clomid

  1. Liquid Clomid

    Alright, I'm about to purchase some liquid clomid and have a small question about the dosage. If the bottle is set at 70mL, 35mg/mL would it last me long enough to use for my PCT, should PCT be dosed at:

    Week 1: 200/200/150 till end of week 1
    Week 2: 150
    Week 3: 100
    Week 4: 100

    Btw, I'm taking Havoc, dosed at:

    Week 1: 20/20/20/30/30/30/30
    Weeks 2-4: 30/40/40

    Thanks much

  2. Why are you going so high?

    and no, you don't have enough for that amount

  3. those doses are way too high

    do 100/50/50/50
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  4. You couldn't do the math to figure out if 1bottle would last for pct?
    To get un-naturally big, you gotta do un-natural things

  5. Well, I've been reading from other peoples posts from here and other sites that recommend starting off with a relatively high dose, sometimes a bit extra high the first few days of PCT. Then as the days/weeks went on, they'ed lower it. Is this incorrect?

    So, I assume then, that starting 200 the fist 2 or 3 days is off? I guess a cycle of 100/50/5050.

    As for doing the math, egh. I've tried a go at it and I seem to brain fart every time. At the above dosage, would the bottle last me the full cycle?

  6. Starting off at 100 for the first week is plenty enough for a havoc cycle. You probably would be fine with 50/50/50/50.

  7. I say run at 50 imo

  8. well there is 2,450mg per bottle, 2 days at 200= 400mg needed, 150 for 12 days is 1,800mg. and 100 for 14 days is 1400mg. Total required for your dosing is 3,600mg. purposed cycle requires is only 1,750mg at 100/50/50/50.

    Btw I'm going for a masters degree for teaching math. I just did this all cause I was bored lol
    To get un-naturally big, you gotta do un-natural things


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