Kickstart Letro w/ ATD?

  1. Kickstart Letro w/ ATD?

    Would it be helping for ridding gyno or the precurser of?

    Could ATD help start surpression of the estrogen before letro takes affect?


  2. Do you already have gyno? Or are you just concerned about getting it?

  3. Then yes. That sounds legit. Careful with the letro though, you don't want the gyno to come back when you stop taking it.

  4. Letro is pretty fast acting, i would just use it by itself. Be ready to use Arimidex following the Letro to ease back to a normal level. You'll just wind up with gyno back again if you dont.

  5. What about using nolvadex to come off of letro

  6. Quote Originally Posted by younganabolic View Post
    What about using nolvadex to come off of letro
    You could however Nolva will do nothing for the surge of estrogen your body will develop except in the breast tissue. In my opinion, i would run Letro, taper off while tapering up Arimidex, and then run some Nolva when coming off the Arimidex. I think you have a higher chance of developing gyno or returning existing gyno by doing this incorrectly than by running a Test cycle without an AI. Nothing to fool around with.

  7. I'll consider the arimidex but I think I will just taper off with the letro. Besides the nolva should give everything time to balance out. We'll see,, it all depends on how my body reacts


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