Anabolic Extreme Advanced PCT - Messed up my body

  1. Anabolic Extreme Advanced PCT - Messed up my body


    Please could help me, I took propecia 4 years which Messed up my system , however my sexual apetite was still large enough for me not to be affected. Anyhow, I wanted to increase my test levels, while i started training, so I took "anabolic extreme advanced PCT" to help boost my test levels and reduce my esto first it was fine....that was like 5 months ago...and literally my libido is willy, is like balls have dried up to the size of sultnans. Please guys could you help, and possibly advise me what to i am really scared....these doctors dnt give a unsupportive, and jus say everything is normal.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Did you follow dosage and duration recommendations?

  3. Dude, don't blame a little 6-bromo, propecia is the cause here, see your doctor and go see an endo...propecia can f you up, and maybe those effects combined with the AI are making your willy soft

  4. yeah, but sometimes, i would use the dosage these doctors are proper idiots, they dnt listen or give a **** ****ed up right now, but im not going to give up at all! have u guys taken these supplements before?

  5. Many people here have use that supplement as well as much harsher supplements. However many people here also do their research before using the supplements. I highly doubt the supplement is whats causing your issue here.

    firstly, how did you decide on that supplement?
    secondly, does your blood test show any imbalances? did your doctor even do a blood test?
    third, have you tried watching new pr0n?

  6. Ask your your doctor for a referral to an endo that is familiar with propecia problems, stop wasting your time on this board, or call around to endos, find one that is used to dealing with propecia and steriod users, don't be afraid to ask. You need someone to look at a complete hormonal panel for you...........or, maybe you just need the blue pill

  7. As a beginner,can shrunken nuts come back to full size? I keep reading conflicting reports on different threads..

  8. Dude,

    How old are you? Propecia ****s with your hormones along with AX PCT X-treme. You should do some more research on the chemicals that you put in to your body bro. If you are young (1-23) you have no reason to be taking things like these. They will PERMANENTLY **** up your natural hormone balance in your body. If certain things have not helped already you need to see a doc and get hormone levels checked. If you have not been on any supps for at least six months and you still are having these problems your endocrine system is more than likely shot. If that is so you will need hormone replacement therapy forever and the little blue pill, and to be honest the blue pill may not even work for ya. Sorry bro and good luck.


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