Restart Protocol help

  1. Restart Protocol help

    still shutdown from a tren cycle followed by 5 weeks of heavy clomid. I have no sex drive. I just got some dostinex and this is what i was thinking..

    Clomid 50/50/50/25/25
    Nolva 20/20/20/10/10

    Dostinex-.5mg E3D

    any suggestions??

  2. ???????????????

  3. I would seriously start HCG. You may want to consider dropping the Clomid. Nolvadex has a direct influence on bringing back natural testosterone, where as Clomid may actually have a slight negative influence. The reason being that tamoxifen (as in Nolvadex) seems to increase the responsiveness of LH (luteinizing hormone) to GnRH (gonadtropin releasing hormone), whereas Clomid seems to decrease the responsiveness a bit1. Also, a lot of ED problems are psychological. If you try too hard, expecting to fail, you will. Can you stimulate yourself? If so, then you may be fine, just too unsure right now.

    You probably don't need Dostinex anymore, if you needed it at all. I've been on Tren at high dosages (800-900mgs a week) and never used anything when I went back to my cruising state. But, we're all different.

    Good luck. You'll be fine...

  4. So how much hcg and how often?? And should I take nolva with the hcg? If so, how should I dose it?



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